Media West

Track Record

From the Publisher’s side…
"In my twenty-plus years of experience interfacing with dozens of media reps across a wide range of publications, Cathy stood out as a pleasant and knowledgeable professional. She has the personality to be persistent yet not a pain…a characteristic I didn’t experience often in other reps.

When I left the corporate marketing world for publishing, Cathy was the first independent rep that I contacted to represent my magazine. I am confident the success of my magazine will in no small part be due to her efforts and the team at MediaWest."

— Jack, Editor & Publisher, Loss Prevention Magazine

"Cathy approached us just as we were doing staff realignment. The approach she took to selling us on her company’s services is indicative of her sales approach to any client. She is professional, determined, creative, understanding, knowledgeable, thorough, resourceful and a welcome addition to our sales team. Cathy and her organization are excellent representatives of our magazine."

—Rick, Director of Publishing Sales, Credit Union Magazine

"Cathy and her Team has handled the a national advertising for the western third of the United states for the past 16 years. During this time, she has built up a client base and increased our billing yearly. She is bright, enthusiastic, and has a pleasing manner with clients. She travels her territory considerably, and keeps abreast of her clients positions and changes. She is constantly recruiting new advertisers."

— Rana, Associate Publisher, Creative Classroom Magazine

From the Client’s side...
"It has been a pleasure to work with Cathy and her company during the past five years. Cathy has been our advertising rep for TeleProfessional Magazine. During this time, Cathy has consistently demonstrated an understanding of the our client’s needs and the telecommunications industry in general. She represents her publications with both enthusiasm and professionalism, and it has been a pleasure to work with her."

—Robert, TJ3 Advertising & Design

"Cathy and MediaWest have been very professional and responsible in all of their dealings with us. They know the publications’ market, and they have always balanced our needs and the needs of the publications they serve. From a client’s point of view, I do not know how you could choose better representation than MediaWest."

—Wayne, Managing Director, Asian Advertisers/USA