Media West


Catherine Woods, President
Cathy Woods has over two decades of experience providing representation to various trade journals. In 1987, Cathy moved to Phoenix, AZ, and started MediaWest. MediaWest began with one publication, but over the years, have represented 15 different publications at various times. We still represent our first publication!

Mary Ann May, Sales Associate
Mary Ann handles all prospecting for new clients and media kit follow-up. Mary Ann has been with MediaWest for the past 7+ years. Previously, Mary Ann worked in the market research field for 22 years. With her strong professional experience and dedication to the task at hand, Mary Ann has been extremely successful at uncovering new business and successful at selling and keeping existing clients current with the market developments.

Vi McCain, Administrative Assistant
Vi handles all word processing, database maintenance, monthly editorial flyers, fulfillment duties, and bookkeeping. Vi has been with MediaWest for 5+ years overseeing the administration of our organization with a keen eye for details. Vi plays an important role in the day to day management of the Phoenix office.



Catherine Woods, President